A pair of frozen tiger cubs murdered to supply the illegalwildlife trade.  ENV images combined. ENV copyright.

A pair of frozen tiger cubs murdered to supply the illegal wildlife trade. ENV images combined. ENV copyright.

Breaking news from Education For Nature Vietnam (ENV)! Perhaps that should read ‘heart-breaking’ as it involves a pair of dead tiger cubs.

According to Tom Edgar, ENV’s communications director, “an illegal wildlife trader was caught in a joint ENV/police sting operation last night with two frozen tiger cubs believed to be around a month old! The poor things had barely known what it was to be a tiger before being snuffed out by the illegal wildlife trade.


We got wind of the subject thanks to a report to the ENV wildlife crime hotline. The tip-off took us to a fake Facebook account where the subject was attempting to sell the tiger cubs. Given their age and size, they were most likely destined to end up in a wine jar.


We contacted the seller online and, over the course of almost three weeks, led him in an intricate dance. Long story short, we built up his trust and eventually conned him into delivering the two dead tiger cubs straight into the hands of Nghe An province police officers. Another cracking result for the ENV Wildlife Crime Unit.


We are now, as ever, pushing for prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. In this case, it will be tried under the much tougher new Vietnamese Penal Code, with the two cubs netting him a potential prison sentence of up to five years. We will be following this case closely.


The tiger cubs were, according to the subject, sourced in Laos, which borders the central Vietnamese province of Nghe An, a known hotspot for illegal wildlife trafficking. Each cub weighed less than 1 kg (2.2 lbs.)

One of a pair of frozen tiger cubs confiscated in the 'sting' operation. ENV image and copyright.

The smaller one of a pair of frozen tiger cubs confiscated in the ‘sting’ operation. It was destined for wine. ENV image and copyright.

Meanwhile, in other news, our Protect the Pangolin appeal has got off to a flying start. At the time of writing, we have raised $1050 in just three days! Thank you for your generosity. It is very much appreciated by us all at ENV.


If you missed my earlier email about the appeal launch, please take a look now and find out what ENV are doing on the ground in Vietnam, ground zero for the illicit trade in pangolins. As you will be well aware already, ENV is much more than mere fanboys for pangolins. We are taking the hard, tangible steps necessary to reduce consumer demand and disrupt and dismantle this vile trade in Vietnam, a country that is the primary transit state for pangolins en route to China to the north, as well as both a supplier and consumer of pangolins.


Many thanks for your ongoing support and assistance fighting the illegal tiger trade and pangolin trade in Vietnam. We literally could not do it without you. Have a great weekend.




Tom Edgar


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