Charles Paxton with butterfly on his cap at Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge Louisiana. K.Paxton image and copyright.

Charles Paxton at Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge Louisiana. K.Paxton image and copyright.

By Charles Paxton, Editor

Welcome to Wildopeneye blog, a non-profit web log that celebrates nature and nature photography and videography that was founded by Andy Luck (see wildopeneye history) and is now run by Charles Paxton. Though we aim for professional standards none of the articles published here are paid works and the opinions expressed on these posts and pages are the authors’ own.

I’m a British ex-patriot, formerly a teacher of English for specific purposes in Japan with a keen interest and Masters degree in Environmental Education (Nottingham Trent University).

I was blessed to be brought up in an inquisitive and adventurous family on a rich mixture of BBC Wildlife programming, Disney True Life Adventures and the fine books of Willard Price and Gerald Durrell. I have traveled very widely, first with my family and then later during the long school and university vacations from Japan. I’m very fond of a lot of different places and peoples.

I am now a  website designer and photographer based in northeast Louisiana. In 2018 I graduated from The New York Institute of Photography’s professional photography course, a school which I recommend to anyone who wants to improve their photographic theory and practice.  I’m refining my photographic skills and learning about the amazing biodiversity here in Louisiana and also helping where I can to take care of my wife’s grandparents. I’m very proud to be a Louisiana Master Naturalist in the northeast group, certified in 2019 with my wife Kimmie who currently serves as the LMNA secretary. In 2020 I am now serving as the State group’s Communications Officer.

Kimmie and I enjoy every learning opportunity that excursions into the wild can afford. She’s become a great wildlife photographer with the welfare of her subjects as her top priority.

My aim here, like Andy’s, is to document and help protect the wonders of creation through our photography and writing. I also want to help air news of interesting places, activities and events. This blog along with the main website combines our love of photography with our desire to record and share the beauty and wonders of nature. That website is a work in progress. Check out our short wildlife films on Wildopeneye Channel.

Welcome to Wild Open Eye, we hope it inspires you to support and enjoy your own wild world! I wish you happy nature photography.