Bar chart showing dependency on nature by industry type

Looking For The Winning Strategies – Nature Dependencies Reveal Opportunities For Win-Win-Win Future.

1st Q Mtg: The Ivory-Bill!

America Could Lose Two Thirds of Wild Birds —Audubon’s New Report States

Celebrating National Wildlife Refuge Week

Healing Nature Image

Celebrate Fall!

Healing Our Broken World in Focus, New York

Kisatchie National Forest is a good example of a protected area that sinks carbon

Why Involve Protected Areas in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Planning?

ARCAS sea turtle hatchery on the Pacific coast of Guatemala at Biotopo Hawaii. ARCAS image and copyright.

30,000 Sea Turtles To Be Released on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast!

Sharks for sale at a Market in Delhi, India. TRAFFIC photo and copyright.

Sharks Attacked! Overview of Major Global Shark Traders, Catchers and Species.

Event Calendar Louisiana Nature

Butterfly photography at Allen Acres B&B

Exploring Allen Acres

A Malaysian tiger's eyes by Chris Sheperd of TRAFFIC

Skin and Bones Unresolved— New Analysis Highlights Persistent Tiger Trafficking: Over 2 Per Week Seized!

These statistics show seizures of White-rumped Shama song birds from illegal trade from 2008-2018. In total authorities seized 15,480 birds in 432 cases. 10,376 of the birds (two thirds of the total) were being traded internationally. 7373 were from Indonesia, 6838 from Malaysia, 1174 from Thailand, 84 from Vietnam and 11 from Singapore. These figures represent considerable increase in trade over time. TRAFFIC image and copyright.

Going For A Song! Greater Protection Sought for White-rumped Shama, Heavily Traded Southeast Asian Song Birds, at CITES Meet.

Environmental Workshops: Restoration Ecology and Fungi

A paradisical island in the Seychelles archipelago is exemplary of the beautiful but vulnerable ecosystems that will be protected from toxic waste. - Image courtesy of Tommaso Nervegna

Protecting Paradise

a bat in flight

Bat Watching Near You

Save Our Swamp — Art Litter Awareness Exhibition At Union Parish Library

Raise a Glass to New York on World Oceans Day

Natural growth in networks and spirals,A snail on a Red Oak leaf.

Global Environment Day and National Doughnut Day, a beautiful coincidence.

Elephants at a waterhole in Namibia's Etosha National Park.

Botswana Re-opens Elephant Hunting

Destination Kisatchie National Forest—Louisiana Master Naturalists’ Northeast Plants Workshop 2019 a Great Success!

Louisiana Black Bear, Ursus americanus luteolus, in Tensas River Wildlife Management Area. Global Biodiversity Day 2019 is themed on "Our Biodiversity, Our Food, Our Health".

“We Need To Nurture Nature And Work With It.” World Celebrates Global Biodiversity Day, May 22, 2019

ENV Produce Chelonian Guide To Assist Law Enforcement

Wildlife Smugglers Jailed, Chelonian Turtle Identification Guide produced, Kids Call For Bears Release, Education For Nature Vietnam Report

fluffy white clouds with blueish haze

Community Conservation: At Home in The Clouds

Teal flying across dried wetland. Climate change is increasingly in the news. Human cooperation on Ozone layer depletion shows that cooperation can solve transnational problems.

Mind The Gap!

cracked earth from drought

David Attenborough Rides Again! Climate Change – the Facts!

Portrait of Panthera tigris, photo and copyright C.Paxton.

Insight Into Tiger Conservation Economics!

A male lion photographed in repose at Africat centre in Namibia. C. Paxton photo and copyright.

JCDecaux To Join Lions Share Fund For Conservation Projects

12 foot alligator eating a musk rat Sabine National Wildlife Refuge., image and copyright Bob Rogers

Louisiana Master Naturalists 2019 Annual Wildlife Photography Contest Winners

Polar bear at The Bronx Zoo, New York. C. Paxton image and copyright.Does conserving Polar Bears improve human health outcomes? Check this out!

Dr Eric Chivian: Cone Shells, Polar Bears, and Human Health