A lady at Creation Considered exhibition in Northminster Church, Monroe which runs until March 17th, 2018.

Close Encounters with Nature, Creation Considered.

Alan Futch, Dean of Flowers, has again amazed us and produced an exciting layout of varied high quality art work from a range of talented artists, this time on a natural theme

WILD Art Exhibition and Events at Union Museum of History and Art

swimming racoon

Swimming Raccoon in D’Arbonne National Wildlife Refuge

Kimmie Paxton enjoying an exploratory hike on the Rainey Lake trail at Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge armed with Panasonic Lumix GX8 with 100-300mm Lumix G Vario. This is a fantastic combination for wildlife because it is light, fast, silent and powerful. Taken on Sigma DP2 and developed in Affinity with tone mapping, boosted and framed with Topaz Adjust. C.Paxton image and copyright.

Autumnal Scenes from Northeastern Louisiana

Leaf-footed bug taken on Pentax K-1 with Pentax 100mm macro lens. C.Paxton image and copyright.

Leaf-footed Bugs

A tiny golden fly photographed with Pentax K-1 and 100mm Pentax macro lens at F8 1/250 of a second at ISO 1600 . C .Paxton image and copyright.

Macro Photography, A Golden Fly

A baby American Alligator resting in ambush for a meal of fish, frogs or whatever it can manage at Black Bayou. Monroe Louisiana.

Recipe for wonderful afternoon: Wildlife watching at Black Bayou NWR followed by frozen yoghurt from daily Press.

This beauty is a living jewel. A tree frog among the reeds at Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge, Monroe, Louisiana. Taken on Sigma SD1 with 70-300mm zoom at macro setting, equivalent to about 290mm on a 35mm camera. Developed from RAW in Sigma Photo Pro 5.5 then in Photo Plus 7 and boosted with Topaz Adjust. C.Paxton image and copyright,

Wild Places: Natural Jewel at Black Bayou NWR, Monroe, Louisiana

Bull Alligator displaying,

When discretion is the better part of valour!

Thumbs Up To Bronx Zoo!