A graceful tree snake descending through branches of a a low tree in Black Bayou NWR, Louisiana.

Smooth Mover – our encounter with a Rough Green Snake

Bull Alligator displaying,

When discretion is the better part of valour!

The Alligator Gar fish in the beautiful Gourd Bayou at Russel Sage Wildlife Management Area, Monroe Louisiana. C.Paxton photo and copyright.

Wild Places: Russell Sage Wildlife Management Area

Sigma SD1 and Windows 10

Pack of young African Hunting Dogs at Laikipia Wilderness Camp, Kenya taken on Olympus digital camera image and copyright Steve Holroyd 2016.

East African Adventure With The Painted Hunting Dogs of Laikipia

Grey Ratsnake climbing an aged Swamp Cypress at the wonderful Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge, near Delhi, Louisiana. These constrictors are famed for their climbing ability in pursuit of arboreal prey, such as birds and squirrels. Panasonic Lumix GX8 and 100-300mm lens. C.Paxton photo and copyright.

An Enthusiast’s Camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC GX8

Main waste rock pile during removal at Vernon Mine in September 2015

Rocky Mountain Rivers in Focus. Protecting the Uncompahgre Watershed in 2015

Bayou D’Arbonne Scenes

Gaur killer:

Swamp Tupelo and Bald Cypress flank the tranquil waters of beautiful Bayou Deloutre near Antioch, Northeastern Louisiana. C,Paxton photo and copyright,

Tales From The Riverbank: Exploring Bayou Deloutre by Kayak