This exquisite Luna Moth was one of thousands of insects drawn to Dr. Allen's lit sheets.

The Biodiversity B&B, Allen Acres Is Open!

Butterfly photography at Allen Acres B&B

Exploring Allen Acres

Gulf Fritilary butterflies vie in beauty with the flowers that nourish them in Black Bayou's lovely new Pollinators' Garden.

Enjoy Autumn Outdoors at Black Bayou’s Fall Festival

An enormous Polyphemus moth at Allen Acres. With prodigious plant diversity comes broad animal diversity! long known for its biodiversity, Allen Acres is celebrating the identification of its 711th moth species! The July bioblitz is expected to be rather promising!

Bioblitz at Allen Acres July 21

Indian pink, just one part of Louisiana's rich plant biodiversity.

Botanical Workshop Events

News Shorts: Sausages for wildflowers, why less bug squash is cause for concern, ivory trade and eco-friendly chocolate

A baby American Alligator resting in ambush for a meal of fish, frogs or whatever it can manage at Black Bayou. Monroe Louisiana.

Recipe for wonderful afternoon: Wildlife watching at Black Bayou NWR followed by frozen yoghurt from daily Press.

Hummingbird on Coral Bean

Wild flower verge Eden Valley, Cumbria in July

Glorious July, plant watching in Cumbria

Fynbos wild flowers from short film produced by Andy Luck for BBC Worldwide, Copyright BBC Worldwide 2010

“Dazzling Quilts Of Colour”, South Africa’s Lovely Fynbos Flowerscapes