Elephant at waterhole with trunk raised photo by Andy Luck

“We have to be the generation to stop the illegal wildlife trade” – Prince Charles And Prince William Speak Out Against The Illegal Wildlife Trade – In Key Languages !

Image of forest and farmland from Amazon Farming, a short documentary film produced by Andy Luck in the Wild Wonders series copyright BBC Worldwide 2012

Farming Amazonian Forest For Cattle and Carbon Credits

Three degrees warmer climate could require drastic measures utilising the albido effect

Three Degrees of climate change – will our cities turn white?

Fynbos wild flowers from short film produced by Andy Luck for BBC Worldwide, Copyright BBC Worldwide 2010

“Dazzling Quilts Of Colour”, South Africa’s Lovely Fynbos Flowerscapes

Life's a beach marine comic Page_1

Life’s A Beach Part 1 Coral Seas and Ocean Acidification

Bile being extracted from a bear's gall bladder. Ha Long Bear Bile Farms sell bile to Korean tourists

Spotlight on conservation: Education for Nature-Vietnam

Sheila Fleet in Interview

Wildopeneye Visit Scotland For 2500 Miles Of Creative Discovery


What Is “The Sound Of A Tree Not Falling”? UNDP’s Public Service Announcement Succinctly Explains

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Children Ask Disney To Help Haribon Protect And Restore Rainforest In Irid-Angelo,Luzon

Reflections On 2011, Year Of The Forest