Spice of Life: “Reed-Jumper of Louisiana”

Creature Feature: The Viceroy Caterpillar, a Bird Poop Mimic

Slime Molds

Humpback dung beetles pushing dung ball

They’re on a Roll! Humpback Dung Beetles

Adult Hickory Shuckworm Moth beside Pecan Leaf Phylloxera gall

The Gall of This Hickory Shuckworm Moth!

Spice of Life: Wings and Things and Love is in the Air

I love catching a glimpse of the yellow-billed cuckoo and calling it [Gandalf] stormcrow.

Creature Feature: Yellow-billed Cuckoo

No thumbnail for Quest for Ailanthus: Fun Finds

Quest for Ailanthus: Fun Finds

This exquisite Luna Moth was one of thousands of insects drawn to Dr. Allen's lit sheets.

The Biodiversity B&B, Allen Acres Is Open!

Quest for Ailanthus: The Elm with Fingers and Wings