Celebrating National Wildlife Refuge Week

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Celebrate Fall!

Celebrate Autumn on Saturday, October 12th, at Black Bayou Lake NWR, Monroe.

Event Calendar Louisiana Nature

Mammals On My Mind! An Account of our Louisiana Master Naturalists Northeast Mammals Workshop

Rodent tooth in fresh Bobcat scat. The anterior surface of the tooth is orange because it is fortified with iron. C. Paxton image and copyright.

Bobcat Business at Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge

The unique ridge earthworks of Poverty Point near Epps, Louisiana.

Recent Fun in Louisiana’s Northeast — Atlatls and Wildlife Spectacles

No thumbnail for Frog watching — Find The Frog. Part 1

Frog watching — Find The Frog. Part 1

Sunlight diffracting through Bald Cypress foliage. This Savannah is beloved by Blue and Painted buntings, Cardinals and White throated sparrows. C.Paxton image and copyright.

Cheniere Exhibition: Light!

Cheniere Lake under a hunter's moon in July 2014. Image and copyright C. Paxton

Cheniere Lake Exhibition: Moonlit Bayou