Black-bellied Whistling Duck and her ducklings

Nature Photographs Northeast Louisiana, Summer 2022

Incoming Wood Stork, Mycteria americana, in The Russel Sage WMA

A Wood Stork Wonderland at Russell Sage WMA

Lion's-mane Fungus

Some November Walks at Black Bayou Lake NWR

A Golden Digger Wasp drags its prey to its brood burrow.

Wasp Watching: The Great Golden Digger Wasp (Sphex ichneumoneus)

The Road Less Traveled: An Orb-Weaver’s Obstacle Course

Spice of Life: Who’s Been Eating My Stereaceae?

Spice of Life: Slugs and Snails

Spice of Life: Nuts About Squirrels

Spice of Life: The Rough with the Smooth

Spice of Life: “Reed-Jumper of Louisiana”