A White-tailed Deer fawn at rest in bald cypress swamp

Prepare For Great Nature Photography! Nature Photography Tips

Spatial map of the Biodiversity Intactness Index of Louisiana (2016)

Maps From Space! Spatial Data Mapping With UN’s Biodiversity Lab.

Beauty even in decay. Can you find the little frog? Taken on Sigma SD1 with 17-50mm lens at Black Bayou, Monroe Louisiana. C. Paxton image and copyright.

Frog watching — Find The Frog. Part 1

Sunlight diffracting through Bald Cypress foliage. This Savannah is beloved by Blue and Painted buntings, Cardinals and White throated sparrows. C.Paxton image and copyright.

Cheniere Exhibition: Light!

Cheniere Lake as viewed from Area 1 on a warm night in July 2014 under a hunter's moon. F8 30 second exposure at ISO 100 with illumination from headlights and off camera flash. C. Paxton image and copyright.

Cheniere Lake Exhibition: Amber Glow of Hunter’s Moon

Cheniere Lake under a hunter's moon in July 2014. Image and copyright C. Paxton

Cheniere Lake Exhibition: Moonlit Bayou

News Shorts: Sausages for wildflowers, why less bug squash is cause for concern, ivory trade and eco-friendly chocolate

Nutria rats (Coypu) in love. C.Paxton photo and copyright

Some wildlife and nature images from the great slough off Corney Creek for Earth Day 2017

Charles Paxton feeling ecstatic at seeing the electronic version of this month's edition of Louisiana Life magazine.

Bayou Hopping in Louisiana Life Magazine

Bayou D’Arbonne Scenes