Chake Conservancy Rangers holding poachers' snares

Chake Conservancy Rangers holding poachers’ snares that they find and remove on patrols. Chake Conservancy image and copyright.

Chake Conservancy in Maasai Mara Region Seeks Funding For Rangers Activities.

Drought is hitting the East African region and tourist numbers haven’t yet recovered from the Covid pandemic. The normal revenue streams from ecotourism are no longer supporting communities that traditionally benefitted from overseas visitors.

Chake’s rangers participate in:

  • reducing human wildlife conflict
  • patroling to reduce wildlife and forest crime
  • local reforestation efforts
  • community environmental and healthcare education
  • and even serve as emergency paramedics

Chake Community Conservancy in Narok, Kenya is appealing for money to support their essential ranger patrols.

Failing crops puts extra pressure on the wildlife from the Bushmeat trade.

Chake’s Outreach Officer, Julie Rack has organized a Gofundme Campaign for Chake Rangers.

The rangers need equipment such as tents, boots, uniforms and binoculars for their regional patrols.

They would greatly appreciate contributions large and small. This is a sustainable development crunch.