Screenshot from ENV’s newest filmWomen Fighting Wildlife Crime“.

This new movie shows how the women of Education For Nature Vietnam (ENV) combat the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam, tackling almost 3,000 cases a year. This short film highlights how ENV tackles a case, from the moment wildlife crime is reported, to how they facilitate confiscations, arrests, and prosecutions, to the widespread awareness campaigns that educate millions of people in Vietnam about wildlife protection.

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Based on a real ENV case, the film illustrates each team’s role in protecting wildlife. However, not every case is as clear cut as the one used for this film according to ENV. In some cases, when a crime is reported to their Wildlife Crime Unit (WCU), it can be a struggle to generate a successful outcome.

Sometimes law enforcement authorities are so overwhelmed with other crimes that they are unwilling to prioritize the crimes ENV reports to them, and their Crime Officers have to be strong and persistent to demand effective results. Other times, criminals are so conniving that they find a way to escape law enforcement action. On top of that, with 10 new wildlife crime reports a day, the WCU team must juggle authorities, investigations, and multiple members of the public all at once.

Daunting though this might seem, they never give up or slow down, and so far they have already successfully resolved 587 cases!

Though there are challenges and a long road ahead to end demand and exploitation of wildlife, these steps towards a brighter future are possible thanks to ENV’s supporters! If you want to support their good work please see their current fundraising campaign

P.S. If you share this film with others (and they hope you do!) please also share the fundraising link! Thank you.