Orangutan, Sabah, Borneo. Photo and copyright Andy Luck

About 40% of the land and 25% of the oceans may underpin around 90% of the ecosystem services that sustain us!  Young Orang utan, image and copyright Andy Luck

Watch the fascinating process of our economic system evolving from our current state of unhealthy parasitism to a healthier symbiosis as a recognized part of nature. The most important metamorphosis of our civilization is currently underway. A series of enlightened economists present in  this video from The Natural History Museum so well that I’m sharing the link even before I have finished watching their annual science lecture in its entirety. This is important, factually rich and deeply encouraging, the sooner it is shared the better! 

The speakers are Dr Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance,  Kate Raworth,  author of Doughnut Economics, from the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford,   Professor Ian Bateman OBE, of the Land, Environment, Economics and Policy Institute (LEEP), University of Exeter and environmental economist  Professor Andy Purvis.

As part of this exploration of differing evaluations of nature Dr. Carney relates how London’s Natural History Museum paid the modern equivalent of thirty-two thousand pounds for the skeleton of ‘Hope’, the Bule Whale and the International Monetary Fund estimates each live whale to be worth about two million US dollars in terms of its contributions to carbon sequestration, enhancement of fisheries and ecotourism potential!

The messages here are as brilliant and profound, as the implications are for our future! Godspeed to this transition.