The golden dawn of greener development promised at Biofin 3. Andy Luck image and copyright.
Global leaders pledge for nature in a major breakthrough for conservation. Andy Luck image and copyright.

Yesterday, Sept. 28, 2020, leaders from no less than seventy nations pledged to help reverse the damage to our natural world by the year 2030!

Many of them spoke out passionately in a video about their pledge to help. For more info on this visit


A recent report, LIVING PLANET REPORT 2020 by The Worldwide Fund For Nature (WWF) has highlighted how biodiversity worldwide is under threat.

Living Planet 2020 Report shows massive declines in biodiversity worldwide between 1970 and 2016 as measured by an index of monitored species termed the Living Planet Index. This is a measure of the world’s biodiversity “based on population trends in vertebrate species from terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats”.

In descending order of magnitude we have the largest decline in Latin America and the Caribbean region of 94%, followed by Africa 65%, Asia Pacific 45%, North America 33% and Europe and Central Asia 24%. The primary drivers are changes in land and sea use – habitat loss and degradation, species over-exploitation, invasive species and disease, pollution and climate change. In combination, these human impacts are threatening the extinction of over one million species.

This is now recognized as a major emergency and leaders of nations, companies and organizations including youth groups are now speaking out as champions for change and pledging to help where they can. American retail giant Walmart has promised to make their whole operation carbon neutral by 2040 and to preserve, manage and protect 50,000,000 acres of land and 1,000,000 square miles of ocean by 2030.

This week on the Nature For Life Hub we’re witnessing a momentous and very encouraging response to the dire state to which we have reduced our Natural world, the planet Earth that we all call home. We hear the buzz words Nature Based Solutions a great deal, and this is all to the good because nature has the power to regenerate and heal the man-made damage to some degree. Once creatures have reached the point of extinction, the battle is lost for them. Hence the urgency of appeals and pledges for action.

The videos and documents will remain available from that link for ongoing perusal.

This Thursday there will be a one day UN summit on biodiversity paving the way for next year’s much grander affair in Glasgow then a huge one in China.