Brown Thrasher looking back at us over its shoulder while perched at a jaunty angle in a 'Popcorn Tree'.
The Brown Thrasher was the first to greet me this morning. He/she perches on the same branch of this tallow tree upon my approach; regularity is a good thing, birdie: you’re right. I learned yesterday that its Latin name is Toxostoma rufum. Toxo is Greek for “arch” or “bow”, stoma means “mouth” and rufum is Latin for “red” (thanks Wikipedia).
This Pearl Crescent butterfly was catching some rays from the early morning sun. If we could see the underside of its top wing, we could see the part that looks like a crescent moon. Well. Maybe next time.
This tiny guy was very obliging while I photographed it. iNaturalist’s artificial intelligence thinks that this might be a Hickory Shuckworm Moth. says that when they are larvae, they live inside of a gall and feed off of it. Could the gall next to it have been its home?
And now let’s focus our cameras and attention to the tail-ends of some caterpillars. Why the tail-end? Why not! This specimen: Giant Leopard Moth…? Maybe we’ll see soon!
This one’s front-end is finding this Iris leaf to be delicious! Like the Pearl Crescent’s “crescent”, we can only trust that it’s there busily working.
Oh my! These Green Anoles are ensuring that we have more Green Anoles! Well, since we’re here minding their business anyway, can you see the jagged stripe down lady Anole’s back? You can always tell the females from the males by that stripe. Ok, we’ll leave them in peace.
This female Northern Cardinal is thinking of building a nest…
…and here comes her mate to see what’s going on with that person with a camera. All About Birds explains that the female is the primary nest builder and the nest is constructed in a spot that they have both previously selected. The site also says that their nests are built in four layers. Since this is a piece of grass she’s carrying, and grass is in the last layer, it must be the final stage of the nest! It is so neat that all Northern Cardinals everywhere have the same nest building procedure. No committee or discussion about it. Like the Brown Thrasher says, regularity is a good thing. -K