Atteva aurea, the Ailanthus Webworm Moth is a type of ermine moth with beautiful orange, black, white and iridescent metallic blue pattern, here photographed on a car.
Atteva aurea: The golden beetle that was a moth

Today’s new species that we’ve discovered is not a beetle like I thought, but a moth like Charles suggested. It is an ermine moth, and most of the species in this family are white or pale gray, giving them the name ermine. Unlike most ermine moths, this moth is diurnal, which means that it is out in the daytime. It was less than an inch long and on our car. We both snapped some pics before it flew. This moth’s host plant is called the tree-of-heaven, or Ailanthus tree. We will do some research and find out if we have any around here.  The quest for Ailanthus begins! More to come!