ARCAS is saving Sea Turtles on Guatemala’s Pacific coast. Please click here and vote for ARCAS to help them win a $5000 summer sustainability grant by voting for them to get the award granted by Turtle Island Restoration Network.

Conservation volunteers force feeding a sick Olive Ridley in an attempt to save its life

It only takes a couple of seconds to vote for ARCAS but it’ll make a world of difference to help them save sea turtles if they can win the $5000 grant.

Why vote for ARCAS?

ARCAS Guatemala could really use your vote for the Summer Sustainability Grant. This COVID pandemic has severely disrupted their usual income support from ecotourist donations and biology post-grad volunteers. I visited their nesting beaches and nursery a couple of times during the 1990’s.

There’s a lot of turtle egg poaching and trade in sea turtle eggs. I was impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the staff and volunteers patrolling the beaches and securing the nests where they can and releasing the hatchlings from the hatchery rather than letting them be sold off in Guatemala city to be mixed with whisky and drunk as aphrodisiacs.

  • Patrolling the beaches looking for fresh nests to relocate to their secure hatchery areas.
  • Taking donated eggs from local people to relocate in their secure hatchery areas.
  • Escorting emerged hatchlings safely to the surf zone
  • Environmental education activities on the Pacific coast and also in Guatemala City.
  • Investigating health problems and die-offs.
ARCAS helps protect sea turtles on Guatemala's Pacific Coast
ARCAS helps protect sea turtles on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast by:

Check out the ARCAS website for more information about their sea turtle conservation activities.