We welcome anybody in the area who is interested in a fun and educational day! The 22nd Annual Fall Celebration: Saturday, October 12, 9 am-2 pm at Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The day kicks-off at 8:30 am with a Nature Walk led by Amy Ouchley, celebrated wildlife author, wildlife biologist and Louisiana Master Naturalist. Come along and find out how a walk in the woods can help your mind body and spirit. To learn more about our Louisiana Master Naturalist Northeast Group please click here to watch our Youtube video.

Why join The Louisiana Master Naturalists Northeast ? The 16 minute version

Check out our Louisiana Master Naturalists Northeast website for more information about our group.

Now that it is getting a bit cooler you may be ready to get out into some natural areas for some healthy walking. The benefits of woodland walking are extolled in Kimmie Paxton’s Louisiana Master Naturalists Northeast Certification Project. Click on the image below to view the brochure as a PDF. Right click and select the ‘save as’ option to download the brochure to a folder of your choice.

Healing Nature Image

Activities for all ages (9 am-2 pm) include: the 11 am turning of the Blue Goose Migration Marker, free canoeing and kayaking, a refuge photo exhibit, native animal displays, nature book sale, newly designed T-shirts, face painting, human-sized animal puppets, temporary tattoos, button making, “backyard bass” game, bird ID game, zoo animals, BB-gun target practice, giant mural painting, Shirley the Elephant activities and books, science fun, recycling and anti-littering information, nature-related arts and crafts, creative photo ops, a blood drive and more.</p>

Louisiana Master Naturalists - Northeast

Louisiana Master Naturalists – Northeast will have its biggest presence ever at Fall Celebration this coming Saturday, Oct. 12, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.

This is our third year to be at Friends of Black Bayou’s annual event. But this year, instead of one table, we will have two, plus not only displays and information, but t-shirts to sell and coloring pages for the kids.


Kim Paxton’s tri-fold of her certification project, Healing Nature, along with a tri-fold brochure we had made of the key content, will share a table with our long-sleeved blue Louisiana water thrush t-shirts. I can’t wait for weather cool enough to wear mine again!

bear back 1

The other table will feature our organizational tri-fold and our organizational brochure, plus the yellow black bear t-shirts. This is the t-shirt I’ll be wearing Saturday, and I love it, too.

Along the front of both tables, we’ll have assorted crayons…

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