ARCAS , the non-profit Guatemalan NGO formed in 1989 to rescue, rehabilitate and release wildlife works in the cities, jungles and on the beaches. This year amongst other things, they hope to protect, raise and release 30,000 Pacific sea turtle hatchlings, and you can help them achieve this sweet goal if you want!

How ARCAS Saves Sea Turtles

ARCAS hires local guides (the majority of whom are former turtle egg poachers), conducts educational activities and purchases sea turtle nests with the goal of burying and safely incubating hatchlings for escorted release to the surf zone. Their target for 2019 is to incubate at least 30,000 Olive Ridley, Green and Leatherback sea turtle eggs in the Hawaii and El Rosario hatcheries on the Pacific coast of Guatemala!

ARCAS sea turtle hatchery on the Pacific coast of Guatemala at Biotopo Hawaii. ARCAS image and copyright.
ARCAS sea turtle hatchery on the Pacific coast of Guatemala at Biotopo Hawaii protects sea turtle eggs from poachers who would otherwise trade them in Guatemala City to people for consumption with alcoholic drink as an aphrodisiac . ARCAS image and copyright.

The project will contribute to the conservation of these endangered species while also contributing to the sustainable livelihoods of local residents. Director Colum Muccio (pictured below on a high Volcano) says:

Colum Muccio of ARCAS

We are half way through our GlobalGiving drive and we still need a couple more donations to put us over the $5000 goal. Remember, Wednesday the 18th is a bonus day, so if you can donate then, please do so. Make your donation via the GlobalGiving website (Release 30000 Sea Turtles) so it is credited to our campaign. The sea turtles of Guatemala thank you!!!” Colum Muccio, ARCAS Director

“Estamos a la mitad de nuestra campaña GlobalGiving y todavía necesitamos un par de donaciones más para superar la meta de $ 5000. Recuerde, el miercoles18 es un día de oferta, así que si puede donar, hágalo miercoles. Haga su donación a través del sitio web GlobalGiving (no el sitio ARCAS) para que se acredite a nuestra campaña. Las tortugas marinas de Guatemala lo agradece!!!

Colum Muccio, ARCAS Director
ARCAS helps protect sea turtles on Guatemala's Pacific Coast
ARCAS helps protect sea turtles on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast with the help of various partners.

For more information about their conservation activities and opportunities to help and serve as a volunteer, please visit ARCAS website