Check out this article, A Home In The Clouds on EXPOSURE for stunning images and some eye-opening news of community conservation centred around Tree Kanagaroos. I had no idea there were fourteen species of them!

It’s a new wildlife conservation article from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Indonesia about UNDP’s work with indigenous communities protecting their home range in the cloud forest which they share with birds of paradise and tree Kangaroos – amazing marsupial creatures that are only found in the rain forests of Australia, West Papua and PNG.

People have witnessed substantial declines in wildlife and natural resources around them and are seeing tree kangaroos as an indicator species for the ecosystem health of their native environment.

Conservation actions stimulate their community development. So it’s a win- win situation.

“I can see young people in YUS are beginning to realise their role in the community as future leaders. Likewise, the broader community has shown their appreciation for youth interest in upholding cultural values in connection with the YUS environment,” notes Gibson Gala, TKCP Education & Leadership Coordinator.

Source: A Home In The Clouds

The Indonesia Exposure story was picked as a special feature story by Exposure and has also been highlighted in UN News. In the run up to the International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22, they are running a series of photo stories from their field projects that demonstrate work with communities in conservation.   Wild Open Eye will follow the series with interest!