New York's Manhattan Island as viewed from Brooklyn Bridge Park
New York’s Manhattan Island as viewed from Brooklyn Bridge Park

Here’s a link to a short video on the Facebook platform airing opinions about climate change that went before the New York State Public Hearing at Albany on Feb. 12 by the Committee on Environmental Conservation. They say that New York is prepared to act on climate change even if Washington isn’t.

I think it’s comforting news that in North America some local and state governments are willing and capable of acting independently when it makes good sense to them to do so. Well done, New York! This is video from Daniela Lapidous of NY ReNews shows in her words:

” …. New Yorkers from all walks of life, who testified at our state’s first-ever public hearings on climate change. These experts and community members came through with a strong show of support for the Climate & Community Protection Act! “

“NY State Senators organized these hearings on the Climate & Community Protection Act in Long Island, Albany, NYC, Syracuse, and New Paltz to get input from across the state on what the CCPA would mean for our communities.”

“The answer was resounding: from Brooklyn, to the Bronx, to Buffalo, Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton, climate change is a statewide issue. We need to pass the Climate and Community Protection Act now for healthy communities, good, green jobs, and a transition to a renewable energy economy for NY. “