Education for Nature Vietnam have launched a new appeal to raise funds for their pangolin program according to their communications director Tom Edgar.  It’s at:


He says “As you will be aware, pangolins are currently on course to be the next dodo. But there’s still time to change the direction of travel through decisive action.



ENV is dedicated to lifting the cliff-face struggle for survival being faced by the pangolin, a unique and enigmatic creature that we have still to fully understand.

Pangolin seizure Hai Duong Nov 18, 2016 ENV image and copyright.

Pangolin seizure Hai Duong Nov 18, 2016 ENV image and copyright.

What ENV is doing to protect pangolins


  • Responding to pangolin crime reports and assisting law enforcement to investigate and prosecute offenders
  • Arranging rescue center places for confiscated pangolins
  • Carrying out intelligence-led investigations and supporting domestic and international law enforcement agencies
  • Operating a national toll-free wildlife crime hotline to receive reports of crimes involving pangolins and other endangered wildlife
  • Conducting regular targeted surveys of retail establishments – including traditional medicine shops – to monitor for pangolin violations
  • Partnering with 10 Vietnamese ministries to display pangolin awareness panels in the foyers of Government buildings


Major ENV pangolin successes


  • ENV halted the local authorities auctioning off confiscated pangolins
  • And campaigned for tougher punishment of pangolin crimes in Vietnam, successfully persuading lawmakers to increase the maximum prison sentence from seven years to 15 years in the new 2018 Penal Code


In 2018, a total of 109 cases involving 128 pangolin-related violations were reported via ENV’s hotline. Sixty-six of these violations involved the advertising and sale of pangolins, 52 comprised smuggling and trade operations, seven violations involved the possession of pangolin or pangolin parts and three violations involved hunting.


Among the ‘highlights’ – if you can call them that – of 2018, were the seizure of 3.8 tonnes of pangolin scales in Ho Chi Minh City by Customs acting on intelligence from ENV, and monitoring the recovery operation of 74 pangolins seized by the authorities in Thanh Hoa province following a truck stop.


In January this year, we were able to rescue two live pangolins in Ho Chi Minh City following a tip-off to our toll-free wildlife crime hotline. The two Sunda pangolins, each weighing just over a kilogram (around 2.2 lbs.) were quickly recovered and whisked off to a rescue center just north of the southern city to be monitored with a view to later release back into nature.


Donations to the appeal will be used to support our investigations team, the Wildlife Crime Unit hotline and our consumer demand reduction activities in Vietnam—a country that is the primary transit state for the Chinese market to the north, as well as a supplier and consumer. As a lynchpin for the illegal trade in pangolins, it is crucial that firm action is taken in Vietnam if the pangolin is to survive as a species in the long term.


Please feel free to share the appeal page link to your network of friends, family and colleagues:


Many thanks for your continued support and assistance. It’s very much appreciated by us all at ENV. Have a great week.






Tom Edgar

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