Costa Rica worm tracksThey are an inspiring example to the rest of us!

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Hugh Paxton’s Blog first visited Costa Rica in the early 1980s. It made a tremendous impression.

My response was perfectly natural!

Endowed with extraordinary ecological wealth – covering only 0.03 percent of our planet’s land surface, less than West Virginia, this small, mountainous Central American country is home to nearly five percent of all terrestrial species. An estimated eighteen percent of all known butterfly species occur here.

Eighteen percent!

840 species of birds. Thousands upon thousands of orchids. As a continental land bridge between the North and the South, Americas residents come and go; jaguars and mountain lions, coatimundis with raccoons, that sort of thing!

I was wowed by the pristine sea turtle beaches, the 200 or so volcanoes, seven of which are active and which include Arenal, one of the world’s “Top Ten” most cantankerous, the mangrove coasts with their snarl of Jabberwocky roots and smooth tea-coloured waters, nature’s…

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