Bear crime violations are subject to a maximum of 15 years in prison. Report bear crime to ENV's free hotline. ENV image and copright.

Bear crime violations are subject to a maximum of 15 years in prison. ENV is working to release bears from bear farms where their bile is extracted in a painful process. People are encouraged to report bear crime to ENV’s free hotline. ENV image and copright.

Education For Nature Vietnam Reports Massive Ivory and Pangolin Scale Smuggling Bust at Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport, also rescues bears, Hawksbill and Gibbons, and reviews Ten Crucial Action Areas In Fight Against Wildlife and Forest Crime

Education For Nature Vietnam is continuing to work effectively protecting wildlife, in addition to their education work their wildlife crime unit also freed bears and helped rescue an endangered and protected Hawksbill turtle  from a cooking pot and two gibbons that had been cooped up inside tiny wooden cages for a decade. Both of these rescues were thanks to public calling ENV’s toll-free wildlife hotline.

The evil continues — ENV report this October that Vietnamese authorities seized a massive illegal consignment of pangolin scales and ivory from Nigeria at Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport. According to ENV’s news release, almost a ton of contraband represents the illicit slaughter of a great many animals for the profit of organized criminal gangs.

In preparation for an international Illegal Wildlife Trade conference in London ENV have reviewed their progress so far regarding the ten critically important actions against wildlife and forest crime that they formally identified in 2016.

In brief these are:

1. Take down the leaders of criminal networks

2. Eradicate corruption

3. Establish effective legal deterrents

4. Ban rhino horn trade in any form

5. Destroy all stockpiles of confiscated ivory and rhino horn

6. Strictly monitor tiger farms and stop uncontrolled breeding of tigers at zoos and rescue centers

7. Finish the job: End bear farming in Vietnam

8. Strictly control the licensing of commercial wildlife farms and conservation facilities nationwide

9. Hold local authorities responsible for eradicating consumer wildlife crime in their jurisdictions

10. Pull the plug on internet wildlife crime.

You can read how they have been making some significant progress on these actions on their Education For Nature Vietnam website.


2. Powerful New Painkiller Discovered in Liverworts

 Anyone who has ever had cause to seek pain relief will be very pleased to hear that a new form of painkiller very similar to that found within Marijuana has been discovered in Liverworts. This is further evidence that it is often the small, ‘boring’ life-forms that prove to be valuable and it is important for us, even for selfish reasons, to best protect ecosystems in their entirety, whenever and whereever we can. See more on Science News