If you are interested in wildlife rehabilitation in northeast Louisiana, this event is for you!

Louisiana Master Naturalists - Northeast

Coming right up! Tuesday, August 28, 6 p.m., at the Union Parish Library, 202 West Jackson St., Farmerville.

Our focus will be wildlife rehabilitation. Leslie Albritton of Downsville and Micha Petty of Shreveport will be our guest speakers. Both are Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries trained wildlife rehabbers.

29186371_10210812135611814_1829471075264626688_o Leslie Albritton

Leslie rehabilitates furry critters. Check her out on Facebook and you will find photos of baby possums, skunks, raccoons and more.

21371360_114491985958746_629295988494398708_n Micha Petty

Micha rehabilitates herps. You can find him on Facebook as well. I hope Micha will show you a short video of his recent release of a big alligator snapper back into the wild.

Here’s the plan for the evening: At 6 p.m. Stephanie Herrmann and the Union Parish Library will kick off their anti-littering campaign. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. Leslie and Micha will each have about 20 minutes to talk about what drew them to wildlife rehab…

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