Mankind is responsible for killing off about 83% of wildlife apparently, that’s not a very happy situation. People like animals, and the advertising industry knows it. About 20% of commercial advertising uses animals in it and yet animals are under threat in many and various parts of the world.

What if a very small percentage of the huge sums invested in advertising and marketing was to be donated to conservation? ¬†Many a mickel makes a muckle! What a brilliant idea! The positive impact would be absolutely massive! Sir David Attenborough has helped launch the publicity for the UNDP’s Lion’s Share program in a video, see below.

That is the inspired thinking behind the Lion’s Share scheme which the UNDP and participating partners have launched this week. I always liked Mars confectionary. Now I feel even better about the firm that produces it.

Read what the UNDP have to say about the launch of the scheme