We greatly enjoyed our visit. It was very inspirational and fun!

Louisiana Master Naturalists - Northeast

What a special time we had learning about upland hardwood forests and touring Heartland Natural Area that surrounds the home of Kelby &Amy Ouchley!

Kelby Ouchley Kelby Ouchley is a great storyteller!

We heard many interesting stories of the Ouchleys’ 30 years of experience buying bits of adjoining land when they were able, fending of the unwanted advances of pipeline builders, and more. I was particularly fascinated with Kelby’s historical account of how public outcry intervened in the loss of bottom hardwood forests east of the river. But the farms among the hills west of the river were smaller, thus the more incremental loss went almost unnoticed.

IMGP1017 72-15 Heartwood NA is in the LDWF Natural Areas Registry program.

The Ouchleys have preserved a treasure, the 13 acres around the house now 140 years old and one of the few examples of the eco-type available to us today.

After talking and touring, we had…

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