God’s greatest miracle, Creation is the subject of an excellent photographic

A lady enjoying the Creation Considered exhibition in Northminster Church, Monroe which runs until March 17th, 2018.

A lady enjoying the “Creation Considered: Creature Encounters of the Fifth Kind” exhibition by Bette Kauffman in Northminster Church, Monroe which was to run until March 13th, 2018, but has now been extended.

exhibition that runs at Monroe’s Northminster Church from February 2nd and has now been extended!

Originally 23, but now 20 photographs of nature, items for sale, by Bette Kauffman are arranged tastefully in the foyer of the church interspersed with writings by a diverse range of authors on the subject of divine creation. They include quotations from Jesus, St. Francis, Darwin, Muir and some poems by Bette herself. She describes the exhibit as “a theology of creation in images and texts” and like many artworks in churches the works can be enjoyed on various levels. In our participatory experience, as creatures, we join the exhibits.

The whole presentation encourages our reflection upon the Maker’s works from exquisite plants and animals, grand skyscape and majestic trees to the mysteries of life and death, and of the divine geometry that recurs in nature at varying scales from the tiny spirals of mollusk shells and fern fronds to the immense swirls of celestial galaxies. There is beauty even in the dramatic predation of a Halloween pennant dragonfly by a bright green Lynx spider.

Some of the images are quite abstract, some have graphic impact, some show stolid majesty, some show delicate beauty, e.g. in the fringe of hoar frost, the tracery of plant fronds, also subjects that traditionally are not valued for that quality, such as a very sensitive rendition of the Southern Broad-banded water snake in its watery habitat – undeniably a beautiful creature. That was probably my favourite image.

In this sacred precinct even the serpent is redeemed.