Toads at risk in breeding migration featured in ‘Toad People’.

Wildlife film lovers around the world will no doubt be excited by the Jackson Hole WILD Film Competitionhttps://www.jhfestival.org/2017-film-competition.html
There were 900 entries divided between 25 categories and the results are in now with films sorted by category. We can see the film trailers lined up on the website and there’s a very powerful and topical selection on show as winners and runners up. As you can imagine the big names in wildlife film-making are well represented in the finalists’ line-up, BBC, Disney and National Geographic. However I was surprised to see Netflix up there too,  the American Museum of Natural History and Conservation International.


I was initially very pleased to see that the issue of toad migration and road safety was included in ‘Toad People’ alongside pangolins, elephants, ivory wars, tiger conservation, giant redwoods, explorations in the backyard,  whales, wildlife rangers and much, much more. There are some truly beautiful wildlife films being celebrated there and looks to be lots of good material for students of film, especially natural history film making.  According to their website

“Jackson Hole WILD is dedicated to promoting public awareness and stewardship of wildlife and wildlife habitat and appreciation for the wonders of science through the innovative use of media. JHW encourages the production of natural history programming around the world by providing non-fiction media industry stakeholders with an international film forum to conduct business, test new equipment, refine production techniques and celebrate the world’s finest nature and science programming.”

If you’re interested in wildlife films, do check out Jackson Hole’s website.