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Wildopeneye has launched a Youtube Channel for wildlife films and also to provide links to content on subscribed channels.

The first short film is up there now and features a flock of wild turkeys filmed beside the road into Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Louisiana.

This refuge is a good place to see wild turkeys and is also one of the best places to see Louisiana Black Bears. In the film, a flock of eight wild turkeys, Meleagris galloparvo, think better of crossing the road and return instead to the riparian forest beside the Tensas River in Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge.

The film is slowed by about half to allow us better appreciation of the birds’ motion. It was filmed by K. Paxton on the Lumix GX8 with 100-300mm Lumix G Vario.

It was produced by C. Paxton in Wildopeneye’s American Wildlife series the film shows. Wild turkeys are wily ground nesting birds that roost in tall trees to avoid their many predators such as foxes, coyotes, bobcats, cougars and birds of prey.

The catchy musical accompaniment is ‘If I had a chicken’ by Kevin MacLeod. Wild Turkeys at Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge. Click to view movie on Youtube.

Wild Turkeys at Tensas River National Wildlife Refuge.  Click image above to view movie on Youtube.