A flock of ibises heading to roost over Black BayouYesterday evening (Oct 3) Kimmie and I went to The Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge to attend the first open meeting of the group that aims to serve as the northeastern chapter of the statewide Louisiana Master Naturalists.

As if to salute the formation of the group,  a flock of 20 Ibises performed a fly-by as the sun set over the woods and water.

We had to get back shortly after the meeting ended, but it seemed that there were a good mixture of people interested in the group including specialist ornithologists and aquatic biologists, botanists and generalists, kayakers and photographers like us. So, it seems to be off to a good start.

This group is open to anybody:

  • who is interested in the natural world,
  • wants to learn more about it,
  • is commited to conservation,

and lives in the northeastern portion of Louisiana who wishes to join.

It costs $20 and requires 20 hrs annually devoted to a range of environmental conservation and education activities.

For more information, check out the northeastern chapter of the statewide Louisiana Master Naturalists’ website

and ses their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/737231253137306/about/