Red Kite by Andy Luck

Greetings nature photographers! In honour of Wildopeneye’s late founder, Andy Luck, I have decided that wildopeneye blog is going to host a serious online wildlife photography exhibition, perhaps several if they work well, on various interesting and popular themes. At first I shall choose a theme to kick-off with,  and after that we can offer a survey to see which options prove most popular for the next theme. There’s no financial remuneration or prize for entry into this exhibition, I’m afraid, simply the glory and exposure and networking possibilities.

The first theme is “On The Wing” and to enter an image for this exhibition please:

  1. Register with this blog and submit a copyright marked image as a jpeg up to 2 MB in size with your name and the image title as the name of the file. For example ” flamingobobsmith” This is to prevent me from getting them mixed up.
  2. Please leave a comment on this page with your name and the name of the image and a short autobiography and link to your Facebook page or gallery site to help promote your own work if you want, so that people who like your work can follow you, etc. Please check your link works before sending, thank you.
  3. Minimum standards do apply, any image that I deem unfit for publication for any particular reason will be rejected.

Thank you and happy shooting! I look forward very much to admiring your work in a Wildopeneye blog exhibition.