Black Rhino, image and copyright by Andy Luck

Wildlife trafficking kingpin busted by Vietnamese authorities in major blow against organised wildlife and forest crime. Rhino poaching has increased some 9,300 per cent since 2007 in South Africa alone.  Black Rhino, image and copyright by Andy Luck

News of a major victory! Very uplifting report from Quyen Vu, Executive Director, Education for Nature Vietnam!

“Dear ENV Friends and Supporters,

Thought you might want to know that Nguyen Mau Chien the top leader of a major wildlife criminal network in Vietnam has been arrested, along with some of his people, while he was transporting 33kg of rhino horns at a train station in Hanoi. Authorities then raided his house and confiscated another 3kg of rhino horn, two frozen tigers, ivory and lion skin. This is a huge success by Vietnamese authorities because Nguyen Mau Chien is the leader of probably the second biggest rhino horn and ivory trade network from Africa to Vietnam. We strongly believe that some of the biggest ivory, rhino horn and pangolin scale shipments (in terms of tonage) seized at major seaports in 2015-2016 were linked to this network. Recently we discovered that Chien had found a sly way to get rhino horn and ivory into Vietnam in order to avoid being caught at airports and major seaports. This guys also owns a legal tiger farm in his home town in Thanh Hoa province which we have been monitoring for many years, and during our inspections we found lots of indications of tiger laundering through his farm.  We suspected that a number of tiger seizures in the past few years were also linked to his network.

Transporting endangered wildlife (smuggling) is a serious crime. Under the currently law, it is treated much more seriously than possession. Therefore, we strongly believe that he will be prosecuted and it will be very hard for him and his people not to get some serious jail time.

We are extremely happy because ONE more major criminal network has been taken down in Vietnam, and the Vietnamese authorities did an amazing job.

Everyone in our office has left for a long holiday weekend with a big smile on their face.

Wish you all a great weekend too.

Best wishes,

Quyen Vu

Executive Director

Education for Nature Vietnam


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