Happy World Wildlife Day 3/3/2017

Happy World Wildlife Day 3/3/2017

It’s World Wildlife Day today— 3/3/2017  The world’s wildlife faces more problems today than ever before, including unnecesary hunting of whales by Japan and Norway, illegal trafficking of endangered species such as tigers, elephants, rhinos, pangolins and many more. From poaching and pollution to deforestation, climate change, and other forms of habitat loss, wild animals are suffering the sixth great extinction crisis.

How you can help

The Wildlife Conservation Society offer “five easy things you can do to make a difference today—from helping to stop a superhighway poised to destroy a rainforest, to protecting wildlife every time you mail a letter, to preserving a natural wonder just off the coast of New York City, and more.”

Also you can appeal to New York’s Governor to power the city with green energy. According to Rob Sargent
Energy Program Director of Environment New York: Clean Air, Clean Water, Open Space

“Hawaii will hit 100 percent renewable electricity by 2045. Both California and New York will get to 50 percent renewable electricity by 2030. And just this month, Massachusetts legislators filed a bill to obtain 100 percent of the state’s electricity from renewables by 2035, and 100 percent of its total energy needs from renewables by 2050.

These are the types of bold actions we need in states across the country.

Ask New York’s governor to go big on renewable energy with a commitment to 100 percent renewable energy.


Also check out page 10 of the Telluride News for an article about current threats to native American predators such as Cougars and Black bears in favour of boosting Mule deer populations for human hunters. Disgusting!