Glasgow Riverside

Glasgow Riverside. Andy Luck photo and copyright

INTERPOL Press Release (June 9, 2016) – Following INTERPOLs 21st meeting of the Pollution Crime Working Group in Glasgow which brought together members of NCBs and senior level enforcement and intelligence officials from over 30 countries, the Environmental Security Programme (ENS) is pleased to announce this years outcomes. Organized with the support of The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and the LIFE SMART Waste Project, the meeting was designed to bring countries together to share insights and develop joint strategies to tackle pollution related crimes. The Pollution Crime Working Group board members adopted outcomes on three main areas :

–  Further development of targeted law enforcement operations

–  Enhanced collaboration on new initiatives with the use of information sharing and exchanging platforms

–  Officials are encouraged to implement INTERPOL investigative manuals and resources to develop regional capabilities in investigative and capacity needs

The outcomes are designed to help equip member countries with the knowledge and networks towards the development and implementation of new environmental security initiatives. ENS and the Pollution Crime Working Group board members call for strong measures and continued drive and  support for impactful collaborative initiatives. INTERPOL thanks all delegates and parties involved for their support and commitment towards safeguarding the environment and look forward to working with them further.

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