Photographer in focus – Andy Luck interview from October 2010. Some great pictures here!

Better Cumbria

Andy Luck's Derwentwater

Andy Luck’s art celebrates the wildlife that he loves. I haven’t placed many images in this article, as it is far better to view them full screen  here

Andy Luck is an award winning film-maker, he produces short films for the BBC. He’s an insightful photographer and writer, specialising in nature, environment and travel.  “Passionate and committed to the natural world, it’s beauty and how to preserve it”, he is also an environmental photojournalist regularly contributing to leading wildlife and photography magazines in the UK and environmental organizations around the world.  He has a wealth of technical expertise and experience at his command and he shares the knowledge that he’s mastered along with images of such outstanding quality that some could rank as World Heritage in my opinion. He’s modest enough to talk about excellent equipment and luck playing a part, but to catch a wild Sparrowhawk, Osprey or Chameleon…

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