Elephants in Etosha by Andy Luck

Elephants are a step safer thanks to President Obama’s action to restrict ivory trade within the US. Andy Luck image and copyright

WWF Reports

“Today, the US solidified its leading role in the global fight to save elephants. The Obama Administration finalized new domestic ivory regulations that implement a nearly complete ban on commercial ivory trade in the United States, an effort that WWF has been pursuing for several years.

This represents a gigantic victory for elephants and more proof that the US will no longer tolerate the slaughter of elephants, the illegal trade in their ivory, or the criminals that profit from it. Our next step is to urge other places such as China, Thailand, and Hong Kong to follow suit and commit to ending the illegal ivory trade.

More than 1 million WWF supporters spoke up for elephants, making this their most successful petition drive ever! ”

To learn the significance of this, please read how the ivory trade harms elephants.