Wildopeneye filming a reforestation project in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.

Wildopeneye filming a reforestation project in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. Copyright Andy Luck.

Wildopeneye would like to draw your attention to some interesting projects that are helping people to adapt to climate change. These are exemplars that can inspire similar responses in similar contexts. Click the links in blue to visit the articles on Exposure.

Azerbaijani Pastoral

by Climate Adaptation UNDP – Exposure 

Overgrazing is one of the primary reasons that the pastures are being degraded, which has negative consequences for the broader ecosystem and the farming communities that depend on them. Over-grazing results in losses of organic carbon soil through wind and water erosion and soil impoverishment. Loss of organic matter reduces soil stability and eroded, unstable soils increase the likelihood of greater water runoff and landslides.


 The Power of Women

by Climate Adaptation UNDP – Exposure 

To reduce the risks changing climatic conditions pose on livelihoods and food security, the Mali National Directorate of Agriculture partnered with UNDP to strengthen agricultural resilience in four target municipalities: Cinzana, Massantola, M’pessoba and Sandare. With support from the Government of Canada under the Canada-UNDP Climate Change Adaptation Facility, and the Global Environment Facility’s Least Developed Countries Fund, this project, entitled “Enhancing Adaptive Capacity and Resilience to Climate Change in the Agriculture Sector in Mali,” has a particular focus on empowering women as drivers of adaptation.

Source: https://undp-adaptation.exposure.co/the-power-of-women


 Keeping Our Green

by Climate Adaptation UNDP – Exposure 

The Government of Samoa, in partnership with UNDP is systematically identifying and addressing climate change risks, to protect native forests and manage agroforestry in a resilient way. The intention is to promote a system that combines agricultural and forestry technologies that will foster more diversity, productivity and sustainability of local livelihoods.