Project Predator aims for better tiger protection

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INTERPOL meeting aims to develop strategy to curb tiger crime

SINGAPORE – Environmental enforcement leaders from tiger range countries and non-governmental organizations have re-affirmed their commitment to protect the world’s remaining wild tigers at an executive-level meeting in Singapore.

The two-day (19 and 20 November) meeting provided a platform for 23 senior law enforcement officers from 10 tiger range countries and partner organizations to discuss transnational actions against tiger crime.

Organized by INTERPOL’s Project Predator, the meeting aimed to develop a common enforcement strategy for the management of tiger crime across all tiger range countries, and institutionalize the strategy to facilitate intelligence-led operational efforts on the ground.

INTERPOL pledged to support countries’ global efforts to increase the number and intensity of targeted law enforcement operations and information sharing between wildlife officials, customs agencies, police forces and NGOs.

Wild tiger populations are under increasing threat from organized…

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