A stormy skyReminder of the ongoing sixth mass extinction horizon – fortunately it is anthropogenic, ergo we can help improve the situation.

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This isn’t new. Richard Leakey wrote a book. The Sixth Extinction. Somebody sabotaged his plane. He recovered and was a news story for a while. He annoyed everybody for being white, Kenyan, and African. If you are black in Europe it isn’t a big deal. If you are a white African you have a shoot me automatically painted on your arse and your forehead. Silly isn’t it? Leakey did nothing wrong but say what he thought. In Kenya that means getting your plane sabotaged. His book? It’s out there. But you have to look for it.

The BBC is announcing this new extinction as news. If universities announce it as news that makes it news. Anybody with eyes and common sense has known this is an ongoing thing. We are too many. We are.

One of the best books written on extinction was Last chance to See. Douglas Adams, Mark…

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