A pristine British beach.  Andy Luck photo and copyright.

There’s nothing like a pristine beach. Join the Big Beach Clean-up and enjoy helping keep Britain’s coasts and waterways free of plastic detritus. Andy Luck photo and copyright.

Here’s Spring Cleaning with a difference! The Marine Conservation Society are teaming up with Marks & Spencer again to organize the fourth Big Beach Clean-Up. According to an invitation wildopeneye received this morning, their goal is to inspire 8,000 people to clean UK beaches and canals.

Since their first Big Beach Clean-Up of 2012 over 20,000 volunteers have shifted 62 and a half tons of litter from beaches and waterways.

Last year they picked up 10,950 cotton buds, 21,900 wrappers and 55,600 pieces of plastic. That’s a very good effort.

Click here to visit their dedicated webpage and find a big beach clean-up site near you. It could also be a good opportunity for some outdoor photography.