NikonD810BW-1My latest review for Black + White Photography Magazine in the March 2015 issue is of the fabulous Nikon D810, probably the most impressive all-round camera that I have been lucky enough to test in 2014. Click here for the PDF: NikonD810BW  Following request, I will also post the other review of this camera I wrote for Outdoor Photography here shortly too.

The camera is unique in having an incredibly powerful 36 million pixel full-frame sensor without the usual anti-aliasing filter, so it was great to test this while on a photo shoot for leading knitwear fashion designer Di Gilpin up in Fife in Scotland, where we could see what effect there would be on fine repeating detail. Interestingly, there were no apparent problems with moire or aliasing that I could see in the detail of Di’s fabulous knitwear, despite the lack of filter, so I wouldn’t have any concerns generally about using the camera for other fashion work with high intensity repeating detail in garments.

One of the photos in the review is of the lovely Anna Carslaw, wearing a Di Gilpin Angel Bonnet and Snood. Anna recently won a place to study at the prestigious New York Musical and Dramatic Academy on which the fictional Fame academy was based. Good luck Anna and wishing you well!