Colum Muccio of ARCAS

Colum Muccio of ARCAS

Greetings from Guatemala where we are in the height of the rainy season.  It’s also the sea turtle nesting season and I’ve been making regular trips down to Hawaii.  I found my first turtle in a couple of years while patrolling the beach last week!!!  Very exciting!  She was a cutey too!  I’d swear she waved her back flipper coquetishly as she slipped back into the surf.

We are putting the final touchs on the hatcheries in Hawaii.  We now have tons of capacity for eggs, in case you want to make a last minute donation to our Sponsor-a-Nest program.  There’s a paypal button on our How can I help page. Hint, hint… 🙂

There is a lot of nesting now and we are also getting our first hatchlings, so things are busy at the Parque.  Lucia, our new director, is doing a great job, as is Mariachi and Willie, an have made some much needed improvements to the Parque.  They have remodelled the office and kitchen and built a new bathroom.  We are now including food at the Hawaii Parque and Doña Mayra is doing a great job cooking.  We’ve had a pretty good flow of volunteers in July and August, so the financial crisis of the last year has eased a bit.

We are finishing up our improved wood burning stove project here in Guatemala City with the Rotary Club.  It’s been difficult, but nonetheless we’re happy to have built the 450 stoves which will make a big difference in reducing deforestation and reducing respiratory illnesses in the homes.

Things in Peten are going well.  We just held a release of about 20 spider monkeys and 80 parrots.   A film crew went along on the release.  Check out the videos on our Facebook page and You Tube.  Alejandro and Miriam made a trip up to the US to attend the ZACC conference in Iowa, and visit universities and zoos in the area, and we are working on establishing a more formal arrangement with Ohio State University.

We’ve had over 80 stranded turtles in Guatemala this year so I include a link here to an important signature campaign to stop the shrimp trawlers.  Help us protect the sea turtles and other marine life of the Pacific coast of Guatemala by signing this petition to President Pérez Molina prohibiting shrimp trawling: please sign and pester your friends to do the same!

I know that these on-line petitions are a dime a dozen these days, but there is actually a fair amount of political interest in stopping trawling, so the government may act on this important protective measure.

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ARCAS helps protect sea turtles on Guatemala's Pacific Coast

ARCAS helps protect sea turtles on Guatemala’s Pacific Coast