How are illegal logs from the jungles in the Congo entering the EU and ending up as products on sale in Great Britain?

In this BBC Panorama documentary, Raphael Rowe reveals how “our desire for tropical wood is fuelling an illicit trade in tropical timber” and what has been learned from six months exploration of the impacts of logging and the tracking of logs from Congo’s rainforest to Europe.

Taman,  a large logging business that features in the program, claims to conduct selective logging, but a Taman employee interviewed on the documentary says “Taman has destroyed the forest. When you find a tree you want, even if it’s two or ten kilometers, you need a road for the bulldozers. The trees that are not under consideration, they ravage everything, they cut them down to make a road to fetch the trees that they need. That’s how it works.”

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logged forest

How does illegally imported timber move from Congo to Europe?