In Bangkok’ CITES COP 16, the world focus on transnational wildlife and forest crime comes not a moment to soon for a range of species targeted by organized gangs of illegal traffickers. For a good account of this, consider reading The Japan Times article by Hugh Paxton about the conference and the people who are fighting, and dying to protect our global wildlife heritage.  Gruesome death stalks the front lines of conservation

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Bengal tiger photographed by Andy Luck, is one species suffering from illegal trade

CITES COP 16 Focuses On Fighting Transnational Wildlife And Forest Crime that is wiping out wildlife such as tigers (Still from the UNDP PSA The Sound of A Tree Not Falling)

An heirloom tiger penis, Sabah, Borneo, by C.Paxton

…and here’s a body part favoured for use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, for which a tiger was killed, an heirloom tiger penis photographed in Sabah, Borneo.