Here is the second comic in our “Life’s A Beach” series, this one looks at estuaries and mangrove forests, very valuable and productive habitats.

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Estuaries and mangroves

Comic created with Comic Life from plasq –

According to the excellent video below, produced by Mangroves For The Future, mangroves are enormously important to wildlife and humanity alike. Covering about 15.2 million hectares of tropical and subtropical coastline mangroves are highly significant areas of biodiversity being home to 1000’s of species and they serve as important nurseries for fish and crustaceans and support millions of people too. As sources of food, timber, dyes and medicines mangroves are commercially important.

Furthermore, they protect against coastal erosion and ameliorate storm damage from surges, protect coral reefs from suffocating sediments and sequester over 80,000,000 tons of atmospheric carbon annually! So helping to combat climate change.

For more information about Mangrove forests, threats to their well-being and efforts to conserve them, please click here for Mangroves For The Future website.