Still image from Underwater scene of reduced biodiversity from BBC Worldwide's Earth Explorer Film on Ocean Acidification produced by Andy Luck

Ocean Acidification

Here’s part one of Wildopeneye’s environmental education comic strip, Life’s a Beach as images and as a pdf. In part one we look at coral seas and acidification. Acidification happens when carbon dioxide dissolves from the atmosphere into the sea to make carbonic acid.  The comic shows the role climate change and acidification may have played in the Permian extinction and some ways we can help prevent marine acidification by protecting carbon sinks and installing low carbon renewable energy in our homes.

You can view a short film about Ocean acidification in the Earth Explorer series on’s films page, produced by Andy Luck for BBC Worldwide. Please click here to download the comic in pdf format. Thank you.

Life's a beach marine comic Page_1

Life's a beach marine comic Page_2Life's a beach marine comic Page_4

Life's a beach marine comic Page_5Life's a beach marine comic Page_6Life's a beach marine comic Page_7Life's a beach marine comic Page_8Life's a beach marine comic Page_9Life's a beach marine comic Page_10Life's a beach marine comic Page_11Super short documentary Natural History films BBC Worldwide

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