Andy Luck with camouflaged telephoto

Andy Luck, Executive Producer of Fynbos South Africa

Spring in South Africa blesses the rugged Cape landscapes with the most glorious displays of wild flowers imaginable. It’s like God’s Rockery!  This remarkable region is home to a unique combination of low growing flora and interesting fauna including leopards, rare tortoises and Jackass penguins, not to mention colourful Sunbirds, the old world equivalent to the hummingbirds of the Americas. Enjoy this exquisite short video about South Africa’s unique Fynbos (Fine bush) habitat for a flavour of the local ecology, set in the context of its particular geography and climate. Learn how specialist Protea plants and native wildlife have developed fine-tuned relationships for survival and how the Fynbos dies in fire to rise again like a floral phoenix!

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Now, if you’d like to learn more about the Fynbos and its conservation, here is a link to an eye opening article, “Save it with Flowers” By Hugh Paxton, World Wide Watch Magazine. Here stunning images and interesting facts about the natural treasures of the Cape Floristic Region combine with good news about how sustainable use of this very biologically diverse habitat is proving far more profitable than its destruction! It makes an interesting case study in environmental economics.

“It’s a busy time, spring in the Cape! And the flowers are explosive! The Cape Floristic Region (CFR) is the smallest of the planet’s six floral kingdoms in terms of geographical coverage but one of the largest in terms of biodiversity. A total of 9,600 plant species grow here (70% found nowhere else), the level of variety is comparable to…” Read more at The Global Environment Facility Website

Film Data:
Title: Fynbos South Africa
Series: Wild Wonders
Narrator Harriet Carmichael
Researcher Kush Varia
Graphics Alan Dampier
Editor Dominic Ruddy
Executive Producer Andy Luck
Copyright BBC Worldwide MMX
South African Flora is bursting into flower now

South African Flora is bursting into flower at this time of year, even in the more northern desert landscapes, this scene is from Namaqualand