Would You Like To Help Kickstart a Renewable Energy Future?

Click on the image to view Fresh Currents appeal from Kyoto Journal

If so, then you’ll be interested in a new initiative from Kyoto Journal. The prestigious Environmental education publisher is following up on the success of its Biodiversity project to launch a new investigative publication, “Fresh Currents: Japan’s Flow from a Nuclear Past to a Renewable Future.”

The group is seeking financial support for the project through its first-ever fundraising campaign on indiegogo.com.

They plan to raise $9,500 by July 9th. With these funds, Fresh Currents will be released later this year in both print and PDF versions (hopefully later in Japanese), which they will pass on to the kind of people who can bring about the switch to renewable energy sources: key policymakers, local government officials, community leaders, educators, and media outlets.

In case you’re wondering what the Japanese energy future has got to do with you, you’ll be interested to know that developments in Japan often foreshadow what will happen elsewhere in the world.

 Please view the site http://www.indiegogo.com/freshcurrents to learn more and see the video

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