Mohamad Susilo and Richard Sillito working on the Indonesian voice over track at ACE Post Production’s London Studios recently.

“It’s a wrap!” There were smiles all around after the business of recording the Bahasa Indonesian voice-over track for  the UNDP’s 2011 Public Service Announcement on Forests was completed recently in a studio at ACE Post Production in London.

Mohamad Susilo who works for BBC World Service Radio provided the voice and Richard Sillitto was mixing on the sound board to Andy Luck’s Direction.

With this work completed, the master tapes were then prepared and dispatched.

There’s a big message packed in to this 30” PSA and this message will be broadcast throughout Asia-Pacific region.

The Indonesian archipelago is home to some of the world’s most precious forest ecology and the UNDP is assisting with its conservation.  The WildOpenEye team are proud to be playing our small part in disseminating this important message. More on the subject will follow on the occasion of the film’s release!

In the sound booth, recording Mohamad Susilo's expert voice over.

In the sound booth, recording Mohamad Susilo’s expert voice over.

Richard Sillito mixing voice with music and effects

Richard Sillito mixing voice track with music and effects